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Product name Triisobutylaluminium
INCI name Triisobutylaluminium
Molecular Formula C12H27Al
Molecular Weight 198.32
Cas number 100-99-2
EINECS no. 202-906-3
Synonyms Triisobutylaluminium三异丁基铝三异丁基铝;三(2-甲基丙基)铝;三异丁基铝, 1.0 M 己烷溶液, J&KSEAL瓶;三异丁基铝, 1.1 M SOLUTION IN HEXANES, SPCSEAL;三异丁基铝 危险品;三异丁基铝 0.93;三异丁基铝 1.0M 甲苯;三异丁基铝 1.0M 正己烷Aluminum,tris(2-methylpropyl)-;triisobutylalane;triisobutyl-alane;triisobutyl-aluminu;tris(2-methylpropyl)-aluminu;tris(2-methylpropyl)aluminum;TRIISOBUTYLALUMINUM, 1.0M SOLUTION IN HE XANES;TRIISOBUTYLALUMINUM, 25 WT. % (1.0M) SOL UTION IN TOLUENE
Chemical Structure cas 100-99-2 chemical structure manufacturer China
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