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Product name Fandachem Emeramide buy emeramide for sale
INCI name BenzeneDiaMidoEthaneThiol N.N'-Bis(2-Mercaptoethyl)isophthalaMide
Molecular Formula C12H16N2O2S2
Molecular Weight 284.4
Cas number 351994-94-0
Synonyms emeramide for sale,buy emeramide,emeramide price,osr#1 for sale,osr for sale,Fanda emeramide,fandachem osr,osr ea grade,emeramide ea grade,fandachem osr/emeramide,medkoo emeramide from fandachem,emeramide 99%,Fandachem Emeramide buy emeramide for sale,BenzeneDiaMidoEthaneThiol N.N'-Bis(2-Mercaptoethyl)isophthalaMideN,N'-二(2-巯基乙基)间苯二甲酰胺N,N'-二(2-巯基乙基)间苯二甲酰胺;N1,N3-双(2-巯基乙基)间苯二甲酰胺;BDTH2; BDET; BDETH2; NBMI; EMERAMIDE; N,N'-BIS(2-MERCAPTOETHYL)ISOPHTHALAMIDE; TRADE NAMES B9, METX, OSR AND OSR#1.Emeramide (BDTH2);1,3-(N-MERCAPTOETHYLCARBOXAMIDE)BENZENE,99%BDET;BenzeneDiaMidoEthaneThiol N,N'-Bis(2-Mercaptoethyl)isophthalaMide;Emeramide;N,N'-Bis(2-mercaptoethyl)isophthalamide;NBMI;BDTH2;1,3-Benzenedicarboxamide, N1,N3-bis(2-mercaptoethyl)-
Use Mercury chelator
Chemical Structure cas 351994-94-0 chemical structure manufacturer China
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