Vinylmagnesium bromide

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Product name Vinylmagnesium bromide
INCI name Vinylmagnesium bromide
Molecular Formula C2H3BrMg
Molecular Weight 131.26
Cas number 1826-67-1
EINECS no. 217-375-3
Synonyms Vinylmagnesium bromide乙烯基溴化镁溴化乙烯镁;乙烯基溴化镁1M,IN THF;乙烯基溴化镁, 1.0 M SOLUTION IN THF, SPCSEAL;乙烯基溴化镁1M THF;乙烯基溴化镁;溴化乙烯镁(1MOL/L四氢呋喃溶液);溴化乙烯镁四氢呋喃溶液;乙烯基溴化镁四氢呋喃溶液bromoethenyl-magnesiu;Vinylmagnesium bromide, 0.7M solution in THF, AcroSeal;Vinylmagnesium Bromide Solution 1M THF;VinylMagnesiuM broMide ,0% [1.0 M in THF];VinylMagnesiuM broMide, 0.7M solution in THF, AcroSeal 100ML;VinylMagnesiuM BroMide 1.0M Solution in Thf;VinylMagnesiuM broMide, 1M solution in 2-MeTHF, AcroSeal;Bromvinylmagnesium
Chemical Structure cas 1826-67-1 chemical structure manufacturer China
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