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Product name Trimethylaluminium
INCI name Trimethylaluminium
Molecular Formula C3H9Al
Molecular Weight 72.09
Cas number 75-24-1
EINECS no. 200-853-0
Synonyms Trimethylaluminium三甲基铝三甲铝;三甲基鋁;三甲基铝;三甲基铝 危险品;三甲基铝 1.0M己烷;三甲基铝 1.0M甲苯;三甲基铝 1.6M甲苯;三甲基铝 2.0M 1,2-二氯乙烷trimethyl-alane;trimethyl-aluminu;TMA;Trimethylaluminum solution;Trimethylaluminiummincolorlessliquid;trimethylaluminum steel flask 0.3 L (net ~150 G);TrimethylaluminumelecgrPURATREMcolorlessliq;Trimethylalumine
Chemical Structure cas 75-24-1 chemical structure manufacturer China
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