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Product name Deferiprone
INCI name Deferiprone
Molecular Formula C7H9NO2
Molecular Weight 139.15
Cas number 30652-11-0
EINECS no. 212-783-8
Synonyms Deferiprone去铁酮3-羟基-1,2-二甲基-4(1H)-吡啶酮;阿托伐他汀钙中间体;3-羟基-1,2-二甲基-4-吡啶酮;1,2-二甲基-3-羟基-4-吡啶酮( 去铁酮);1,2-二甲基-3-羟基-4-吡啶酮;去铁酮;1,2-二甲基-3-羟基-4-吡啶酮,98%;去铁二酮L1;DMHP;DEFERIDONE;DEFERIPRON;DEFERIPRONE;CP20;3-HYDROXY-1,2-DIMETHYL-4(1H)PYRIDINONE;3-HYDROXY-1,2-DIMETHYL-4(1H)-PYRIDONE
Chemical Structure cas 30652-11-0 chemical structure manufacturer China
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