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Product name 1.3-Dichloropropene
INCI name 1.3-Dichloropropene
Molecular Formula C3H4Cl2
Molecular Weight 110.97
Cas number 542-75-6
EINECS no. 208-826-5
Synonyms 1.3-Dichloropropene1,3-二氯丙烯1,3-二氯丙烯;1,3-二氯丙烯(标准品);1,3-二氯丙烯, 异构体混合物;1,3-二氯丙烯 (顺反异构体混和物);滴滴混合剂;滴滴混剂;滴滴剂;1,3-二氯-1-丙烯D-D;D-D mixture;Dichloropropene,Dichloropropane;DICHLOROPROPYLENE;3-CHLOROALLYL CHLORIDE;A-CHLOROALLYL CHLORIDE;1,3-DICHLOROPENE;1,3-DICHLOROPROPENE
Chemical Structure cas 542-75-6 chemical structure manufacturer China
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